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4/11/08 09:24 am - Jens Lekman <3

1/25/08 05:45 pm

The Perry Bible Fellowship

1/19/08 12:45 pm

1/5/08 06:49 pm

Here are some of my older works, which I didn't like earlier at all, but now they are almost my favourite ones. I hadn't done anything bigger than postcards for about six months, until few days ago. It's scary how fast you can rust! But also I feel like I have gained something - more belief in my own doings, maybe... I'm not sure. Anyway, I should really start painting again or can never call myself an artist!

12/8/07 11:34 am

Kaikki, joilla on Facebook, saavat vapaasti lisätä Heikki Lappalaisen kavereihinsa!

Everyone with Facebook, feel free to add Heikki Lappalainen to your friends!

12/2/07 03:25 pm - putting on my walking socks

10/27/07 06:12 pm - Samppa Törmälehto! <3

Uusi lempitaiteilijani!!

Samppa Törmälehto: Deutsche Polizei

lisää SamppaaCollapse )

8/26/07 05:09 pm - Suttuja & juttuja

strawberriesCollapse )

8/22/07 03:03 pm

Jännittää aivan, enkä pysy housuissani.
Ei mistään erityisestä syystä, muuten vain.
Energinen aamu, mukavaa. Electroa.

8/22/07 12:06 am

New books, books for me! Hope they're any good.

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